My Roots

Since my infancy, I was inclined and interested in the body, especially movement, because of the body’s harmony while moving and especially because of the beauty in the simplicity of its complexity, it’s perfect natural equilibrium. That’s why I began dancing ballet at the age of 4. I continued dancing until I was 18 (in reality I haven’t stopped), combining ballet with rhythmic gymnastics and modern dance choreography. I continued exploring and experimenting with the body, discovering my own limits and natural inclinations. I practiced Wu Shu (Kung Fu) for two years, until my instructor helped me see my attitude was not martial. I then returned to contemporary dance, studying 3 years in Karen Taft’s school in Madrid.

When Did Yoga Come to Me?

I began my university studies in Mexico, knowing even then that my traveling soul would always want more. My trayectory continued advancing which led me to spend two years in Buenos Aires, where I came into contact with biodance and the Alexander technique and began practicing yoga.

The Adequate Path

Initially I didn’t know what I was looking for, or aimed for anything concretely, but I do remember that I had the idea to achieve to be an agile and flexible old woman that could preserve the innate intelligence of the body. I’m still sure that I chose the right path.

Since then I have continued practicing, investigating, and learning every day.

Feel and Learn About Your Body

I invite you to try, let yourself go, and listen to your body to give your mind space through the practice of yoga.

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