Introduction to Yoga for parents

Course description

Intensive 5-hour course for parents where they will learn the basic techniques to practice yoga as a family.

The course’s primary objective is to strengthen the emotional ties between parents and their children in a fun and healthy way.

Other objectives:

  • Provide parents with the necessary tools to incorporate yoga as an educational resource in family life.
  • Foment in the children values like empathy, freedom, and respect through the language of yoga
  • Acquire the basic techniques to obtain physical and emotional benefits in children like development of strength and flexibility, reinforcement of attention, memory, imagination, and emotional balance.

Who is it Geared to?

  • Parents
  • Close family members that spend a considerable amount of time with children

Course content

  • Presentation and warm-ups for groups
  • Development of a story for children with the corresponding asanas
  • Games and demonstrations for kids with some materials to use at home
  • Breathing techniques and games for children
  • Partner yoga
  • Basic acroyoga
  • Relaxation techniques for children


Manual with the course’s content and other resources to practice yoga as a family