My background

I was born in Madrid and ever since I was a child, I wanted to be an actress, singer, and ballerina. I had the opportunity to study the Dramatic Arts, music, and dance, all of which have been a great assent in my life. Later, I studied teaching and worked as a theater and dance teacher for many years. Today, I am still using these artistic and educational techniques in my yoga classes for children and adults.

The change in my life

Years later, Yoga appeared in my life when I lived in Australia. It immediately captivated me and changed my outlook on life and the world. I practiced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow for many years until I became an instructor at the Australasian Yoga Institute, Melbourne. While in Australia I had my first daughter and it was then that I wished to adapt yoga so that even at a young age, I could practice with her. It was then that I founded YogaKids, along with Marsha Wenig and Radiant Child Program with Shakta Kaur Kids, who are two fascinating and inspirational women in their own right.

Returning Home

Once I moved back to Madrid, I opened my own yoga studio, where I taught for 7 years (Ashtanga, dynamic yoga, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for mothers and babies, yoga for children, etc.) until I began working at Rainbow Kids Yoga. There I worked as a European representative and travelled to different countries for many years, visiting different cities and teaching amazing people around the world.

My philosophy

“To open the eyes to the soul so one can find the essence and happiness that resides within everyone, and continue to offer the opportunity to connect and rediscover the knowledge that is already there… hidden… within every being.”

Cayetana Rodenas Method

“To teach adults how to liberate their heart to transmit, with love and creativity, the benefits of yoga to the kids of across the whole world.”

Creation of Yoga&Kids

After participating in a television program called 'Without leaving home', where I presented a section dedicated entirely to Yoga, and after many years learning from different sources, I decided to develop a specific training course specifically for all those people who wish to share Yoga with kids. While also focusing on school teachers, we hope to slowly incorporate this amazing discipline as part of the curriculum in the classroom.

Yoga and Teaching

Learning and teaching have always been very present in my life. The training of Unnata Aerial Yoga and that of Thai Massage Expert are some of the last courses I have taken. I also continue learning about diverse areas in dancing and body consciousness because I understand that there is always something new to learn to also continue teaching. All of my passion for the arts, yoga, movement, and teaching is what I hope to continue sharing with my students (big and small) and with the people around me to continue discovering, together, how unique and special we each are, while also respecting our individuality in society.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, I want to emphasize that my objective as an instructor is to open the eyes to the soul so each person can find the essence and happiness that resides within each and every one of us, and to offer the opportunity to connect and re-discover the knowledge that has always been there… hidden… within us.

Yoga&Kids In Media

Since I’m still very connected to the world of education and yoga as a tool, here are some of the articles I have written about these subjects. You can read them here:


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