Where am I from?

I was born and raised in Murcia. Since I was very young, I was interested in movement, entering the Conservatoria de Danza at the age of 8. At the age of 21 I decided to backpack across Asia and Australia, where I was taught different styles of yoga, while also submerging myself in Budhist philosophy, meditation, and a healthy diet. Once I returned from my trip, I had my first son, Rio, who I taught many manual theories during his first years.

Eternal Nomad

After a couple of years, I felt the need to travel across Europe and Asia again, this time wanting to learn and share with our new member. When I returned to India, I found the need to learn about a more therapeutic side of yoga that focused on recovery. For some years we lived between Asia and Spain, providing classes across Goa, Maldives, Thailand, and Malta.

Returning home

A year ago we decided to settle down in Barcelona and begin a new journey hand in hand with my great friend and teacher, Cayetana Rodenas, imparting new yoga courses for children across Spain.

Constant Movement

I continue to move my body through yoga, pilates, and dance and providing classes to pregnant women, children, adults, and senior citizens.

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