Advantages of Being a Y&K Member

Join the international Yoga&Kids community, keep updated in your training and enjoy all the advantages we have prepared for you. In addition to enjoy a 15% discount on our new training and the online store.

Welcome Present

When you become a member, you will receive a welcome present from our Y&K online store. Additionally, from that moment on, you will have a 15% discount on all store products so you can share them with your students and be part of the global movement.

Updated Certification

The Yoga & Kids certification is valid for 3 years. If you are a Y&K member for at least 6 months, we’ll send you an email with the updated certification before it expires to ensure that you are updated.

Learning Continues

Thanks to our video tutorials, and the documents you will receive periodically, you’ll always be updated on all of our classes. You will also have access to a library of videos with games and dynamics that will help make your sessions even more enjoyable.

Marketing Resources

On the platform you’ll find materials that will help you promote and find new opportunities for both your classes as well as expanding your methodology and to reach more places. Essentially, you’ll find all the material needed for promotion: presentation cards, posters, press kit, web banners, pictures for social media, promotional pictures, press notes, roll up, and any and every material that will help you promote the activity.

Digital Manual

If you have been trained by us, you will have the updated manual that we hand out in each of our training sessions. This manual is constantly revised by our experts, led by Cayetana Ródenas, to ensure that you have the latest version in your hands.

Work Bag

We constantly receive petitions from centers looking for instructors to provide yoga classes for kids and teenagers in sports centers, schools, etc. Hence, we have created the Yoga&Kids work bag that will be active for all Y&K members. This way we guarantee that the centers will have an exceptional and available instructor with the necessary knowledge to teach this modality.

Discounts for Retreats and Training Sessions

Once you are a Y&K member, you’ll receive a 15% discount on all our training sessions (you can also share this discount with up to three other people every year), as well as a special discount on our yearly retreats across the world

Business Alliances

Our team is in contact with a diverse range of collaborators in order to offer you discounts to help you in your day to day and beyond. Some of our agreements are:

Insurance Discounts

Discounts on the International Civil Responsibility insurance

Yoga & Kids have an agreement with XXXXXX, an entity part of the International Civil Responsibility that protects us against any XXXXXX. The insurance ́s price is XXXXXX, but you can get it for only XXXXXX when you’re a Y&K member. It also covers you for any activity anywhere in the world (except the United States of America).

Discounts on Retreats and Training Sessions

We’re in contact with other retreats across the world so that our associates can benefit from a special deal.

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