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Profesores de yoga para niños Yoga Teacher Course
For Kids
The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to
train to practice as a children's yoga instructor
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curso de yoga en familia Family Yoga Course The courses are aimed at fathers and mothers
to practice Yoga with their children

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

Teacher Training - streamed Live online

3 days (12 hrs in total) with extra recorded videos to study at home

Join course director Cayetana Rodenas for this Live Training

Your opportunity to learn directly from Cayetana

Connection is a vital part of this training and that is why we stream this live - so that we can connect with you!

And you can connect with us and with each other. It also means that you can ask us anything. Cayetana loves to answer questions and this makes every training unique as different questions come up every time. Not only that - but we are here for you after the training. We will support you as you take your first steps as a Kids yoga and mindfulness teacher.

We are so proud of our unique course.

We have been delivering Teacher Trainings across the globe for over 20 years, collaborating with many beautiful Yoga studios in cities including Rome, Zurich, London, Barcelona, Delhi, Prague, Bucharest, Edinburgh, Moscow, Ljubljana, Dublin, Athens, Paris and beyond.

Our passion is to help to aspire kids yoga teachers to connect deeply with themselves and to tune into their inner child so that they can more fully connect with each and every child in their yoga class.

Our trainings are fun, highly interactive (even the online ones) and packed full of valuable techniques, methods, ideas and approaches to support you in your kids yoga classes. The focus is to have high energetic expression time for the kids where they can feel free without competitive pressures and also allow time for quiet restfulness and stillness. We provide you with a myriad ideas, games and poses that you can use in your own classes.

We have recently added the Mindfulness module to this training where we guide you through techniques and approaches to help kids to learn how to manage stress, regulate their emotions, focus on the task at hand, and develop a positive outlook on life.

Join Cayetana Rodenas, course Director, live for this 3 day Training

Streamed live for 3 hours each day

Live - Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training

3 Days (12 hrs in total) streamed live and facilitated by Yoga Kids World director Cayetana Rodenas

Anyone can do this course - you do not need to be yoga teacher

This Teacher Training is a 3 day course in which you will experience how to be a kid again and connect with your inner child, in order to be able to work with children and teach them Yoga in a very joyful, playful and positive way.It is an opening of the heart, coming back to where it all started. In this training you will receive the tools, knowledge and confidence to become a professional Kids Yoga Teacher, as soon as you complete the course. You will be provided with a fully comprehensive manual for you to keep, as a long time reference to creating your classes and getting the inspiration for your teachings.

325€ early rate

375€ full rate

Communicate with kids through the language of yoga

``We teach adults how to liberate their hearts to transmit, with love and creativity, the benefits of yoga to the kids of across the whole world.”

Do You want to know more?

Children are the adults of the future

If each child is in harmony with what they say, do and feel, we are helping to create a better, more consistent, committed and respectful society . Which translates into a society that looks at the world with love and gets involved in it because it feels like a vital part of that world. As Yoga teachers we let children explore their own potential and abilities. Through asanas, stories and songs. We offer them the tools they need and we guide them in their process in an individual way, so that each child feels in harmony with their body, mind and emotions. With the help of Yoga children develop a healthy self-esteem and a strong and flexible body. They learn to communicate with others respectfully and assertively.
titulación de yoga para niños

Certified Degree

Diploma certified by Yoga&Kids and endorsed by Yoga Alliance International, the first international Yoga alliance in India.

At the end of any of our courses, you will be awarded a title endorsed by the YAI (Yoga Alliance International), an organization of great prestige and international recognition aimed at regulating the yoga industry and supporting the integrity of certified yoga teachers and schools. .

Our trainings qualify our students to teach anywhere in the world.

certificado de yoga para niños

A unique Yoga school

If you want to train as a children’s yoga teacher, you are in the right place. Yoga & Kids is the training center you were looking for.


  • References in the training of Yoga Teachers for children at an international level
  • School certified by Yoga Alliance International 100% practical teaching method
  • More than 20 years of experience training teachers around the world.


Certified, intensive and practical courses to discover <a renewed and inspiring early childhood education based on yoga and its physical and emotional benefits. Thousands of students have passed through our school. Meet her!


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